Return & Refund Policy

Customer can cancel or return or refund his/her order with the following terms & conditions: Purchase Order (PO) will be cancelled or returned or refunded only for valid reasons:

1) If a customer received an order different than described in the course description. We allow 100% refund, and bear the return shipping cost at our end.

2) If we could not help you to run SRC under valid Laptop Configurations with all efforts, then we allow 100% refund, and bear the return shipping cost at our end.

3) For any reason other than above, customer wants to cancel or return the order, then following terms & conditions shall apply:

a) If order is not dispatched or not picked up within 3 days from the date of purchase (PO): then 100% amount will be refunded. Refund initiation time will be 4 to 5 days. For example: (Purchase Value, Rs. 5,000/-) – (Cancellation Charges, Rs. 0/-) = (Refunded Value, Rs. 5000/-)

b) If order is dispatched or picked up: Total amount less 15% cancellation charges less shipping charges will be refunded if order is dispatched.

Refunds will be initiated after receiving a return shipment from the customer.
For example – (Purchase Value, Rs. 5000/-) – (Cancellation Charges, Rs. 750/-) – (Shipping Charges, Rs. 250/-) = (Refunded Value, Rs. 4,000/-). In this case, all return shipment charges are to be borne by the customer.

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