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Welcome to the portal of CMA Sumit Rastogi, an eminent and accomplished CMA with an illustrious academic and professional background. A product of Delhi University, CMA Sumit Rastogi not only secured a B.Com (Hons.) degree, but also emerged as an All India Topper in Advanced Financial Management paper at the CMA Final level. His educational prowess is further substantiated by his remarkable score of 88% in Cost Accounting at the graduation level.

CMA Sumit Rastogi is renowned for his innovative and accessible approach to teaching, simplifying the complex realms of Cost Accounting and Financial Management. He serves as a visiting faculty at the prestigious ICAI, where his depth of knowledge, understanding of the subject, and unique teaching techniques have been invaluable in shaping the careers of future professionals.


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In his career spanning over a decade, CMA Rastogi Sir has imparted his wisdom to more than 24,000 students from all corners of India. His teachings have not only kindled a deep interest in the subjects among students, but his unique methodologies, flowcharts, and inventive shortcuts have also equipped students with efficient problem-solving capabilities. The impressive roster of rankers in CA-IPCC & CMA is a testament to his effective pedagogy.

Here at CMA Rastogi’s educational portal, we aim to deliver high-quality education that is rooted in simplicity, ease of understanding, and quick assimilation of subject matter. Our ultimate mission is to equip aspiring accountants and financial managers with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to excel in their respective fields.

Join us in this intellectual journey led by CMA Rastogi, a stalwart in the fields of Cost Accounting and Financial Management. Let’s together demystify the complex world of numbers and financial management, transforming the challenge into an exciting and fulfilling learning journey.

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